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Empowerment, joy, inspiration and motivation – at your fingertips! The ‘i am gr8ful’ team has leveraged today’s latest technology to share powerfully healing and empowering messages and images with you, wherever you are.

The ‘i am gr8ful’ APP also includes access to “MindPower Technology™” the transformational technology designed to effortlessly help you upgrade your subconscious beliefs so you can create a truly magnificent life. MindPower Technology was developed by Kim Serafini, the Queen of Gratitude and author of i am gr8ful for life and i am gr8ful for YOU. Kim’s absolute resolve to take a stand for herself and to get her life back on track resulted in over 1,000 hours spent collecting images and messages to reprogram her subconscious. Using MindPower, Kim effectively turned her life from flat broke and single to abundant, loved and joyous. Thousands of others have seen incredible results from using MindPower Technology too and it is now available to YOU in an easy-to-use mobile platform.

MindPower sessions are customizable so your images and power statements speak to YOUR needs and wants. Create what is meaningful to YOU... find YOUR soul mate... create YOUR dream career... enhance your health… feel GOOD within yourself – whatever your goal, you can direct the incredible power of your mind straight at it! You too can FINALLY stand with your head held high with a confidence in your spirit and security in your heart and in a clear and proud voice, YOU can say, "I live a life for which ‘i am gr8ful’"

It's SIMPLE... VERY EASY !!! And it's quick...

for those who want to play the episodes/sessions on their iPhone or their iPod touch or their iPad.

As you "normally" do... you'll need to download the APP. It's i am gr8ful. Go to the APP STORE... And "search" i am gr8ful.

And this is what mine looks like on my phone :)


Step 1. Open the APP... and

Step 2.  tap Settings...

Step 3.  enter your username & password...

at the moment, given our packages, the APP will "NOT WORK" unless you have an account...

Using our APP - is not the same as accessing via our website...

For those who don't have an account, yet, stay tuned HOWEVER, soon we'll release ONE FREE episode to the world... via this APP which IS free to download...

The 'episodes' aren't really that "big" in terms of file size... certainly not compared to Facebook usage & YouTube...

***** A word of warning... The "middle button" - i am gr8ful for you - isn't working & will not be fixed at this stage...

BECAUSE: You will find that book: i am gr8ful for you has been made into a Single Experts' Session... that's soooo much better than an e-flow-book and I regret to say that the EFLOW is 'functionality' that has super-bugs... and so we invested & upgraded into the "Mind Power Technology" version...

Step 4. You'll need to enter your name & press "Save Settings".

Step 5. Tap "Enriching Visions" and allow the 'list to populate'... This will show you the names of the sessions.

It will look something like this - and it could be a bit confusing because previously EEVs were "Expert Enriching Visions":

THEN... tap one of the "titles" and ALLOW it to load slowly... and play... it should end up showing you:



the 'way' the app "imports" the session means... that you'll NEED to play it ALL the way through TWICE in order for ALL of the 'individual frames' to appear... ALLOW it to buffer.


ALLOW the app to 'work' - as it takes a little while to "respond" the request that you're making of it... so remember "extra patience" -- and do *not* tap twice -- just once and let it happen... give it at least 30 seconds :)

There's a lot of "computer-code communicating with servers as fast as possible all around the world!

When you get into the habit to doing a session regularly, on the go, you'll find the results will be more profound... That's what I've found!! And some of our users tells us it's much easier to watch whilst they're sitting on a plane, train or bus... or indeed they place their iPad on their treadmill at the gym :) I mirror from my ipad to the big screen TV in my lounge room!!!

Enjoy !!!