Top Tips for MindPT

How to get the most out of your MindPT experience

Welcome  to the MindPT experience! It is our mission to help you get the most out of MindPT - to exceed your expectations, give you the best possible results and help you feel confident that this is the best value program you've ever invested in!

Achieve the results you are looking for with this amazing new software using the following tips on optimizing the technology. 

Have fun, and enjoy this fast and effective approach to personal change. Read through these tips carefully to set yourself up for massive success!


Tip #1 Think BIG!

There’s no need to be conservative about your desires. Use the checklist to tick off all the boxes that make up your ideal life as if there were NO limitations, NO lack of money, talent or time, and NO constraints. Choose the most delightful, delicious, rich, amazing, awe-inspiring images in ALL areas of life - health, fitness, wealth, relationships, friendships, family, fun, career, purpose, wellness, romance, holidays, travel, vacations, business, professional, bucket list…

Your desires can be as big as your imagination!

You can create as many targeted MindPT Sessions as you like, for specific areas of life: for example, athletic performance, financial prosperity or relationships and love. Or, you can lump all of your great desires into one grand Session. Both approaches work! Targeted sessions get your brain to quickly form neural connections based on that idea; the grand "Life Sessions" merge all of your desires, which allows success in one area to positively impact success in another area. 

Important: whether you create targeted Personal Power Sessions or watch pre-made Expert Sessions, be sure to watch them every day to create those strong new neural connections based on what you want. If your time is limited, just a few minutes spent on each Session you've created will keep the momentum rolling.


Tip #2 Allow Yourself the Time

Time is your most important resource. Real, lasting, and monumental change takes commitment and consistency. Create your personal MindPT Personal Power video, or choose a video from our extensive Expert Sessions library, and watch it at least once a day, if only for a few moments. Consistency is key! You don't have to watch it all in one sitting. Rather, schedule it and watch it in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for you.

Watch anytime that is convenient for you. Even if it's in 2-minute clips! Breaking up the viewing into small chunks will keep your goals "top of mind," giving your emerging neural connections the repetition and reinforcement they need to become fast and efficient.

BONUS: the MindPT app lets you watch any video in your library, at your convenience: during your lunch hour, while waiting for an appointment, during TV commercials, riding on the bus, before you drift off to sleep...

Watching MindPT should not be a chore. Because it's fun and it feels good, and you can watch anytime for as long or as little as you want, you will want to chill out for a while to this gorgeous feast for the eyes and mind!

Consistency is more important than duration. Whether you watch for an hour or for one minute, daily watching will give you fast results.


Tip #3 Relax & Enjoy!

The more relaxed and joyful you are while watching your MindPT video, the more powerful the experience and the results.

If you’re “not in the mood” to watch MindPT or feel resistance like an urge to procrastinate, remember, just a minute or two at a time works. Do yourself a favor and commit to just a few minutes. You'll be glad you did! It’s a quick pick-me-up when you’re feeling blue, a quick chill-out when you’re stressed, and a self-esteem boost and dose of motivation when you need it.

PRO TIP: Enrich the process by relaxing into it and fully engaging in it emotionally, mentally and physically. Whatever your personal or professional goals, you will benefit from taking your focus away from "doing" and allowing the ideas in the video to affect your other-than-conscious mind, effectively priming you for action!

Prime yourself for the best experience by telling yourself that this will be a fun, relaxing break (while at the same time being a powerful tool for personal change)!

PRO TIP: it’s a myth that personal change has to involve hard work and loads of time! You can do some amazingly fast and effective “work” just by watching a MindPT Session becuase MindPT creates change at the core level of your beliefs!


Tip #4 Allow

Allowing doesn’t mean giving up your personal power and control. It’s about relaxing into the flow of the process. It’s about allowing yourself to enjoy the images and stimulating your imagination without expecting that you have to come up with “how” of bringing your goals to life. You don’t have to figure out the strategies, actions or steps right now! It’s your brain’s job to alert you to the right people and resources in your environment. Your job is to launch the desire and suspend doubt or disbelief that you can experience any and all of what you're watching.

If you feel the need to “do” something, work on feeling worthy of the desires themselves. You’re allowed to want what you want. You’re allowed to believe in a brighter future. You’re allowed to know that the past doesn’t equal the future. You’re allowed to start fresh, right now, on a new path of your choosing.

Imagine yourself in each of the images you see. Don’t judge or label what you see. No “good/bad” or “right/wrong” or “possible/impossible” - enjoy the images and messages just for the sake of enjoying them, without expectations of when or how.

Create a desired reality in your imagination first and then you relax and let your brain do its job in alerting you to the ways and means to make it happen. Want without demanding. Desire without needing. Do for the sake of doing, enjoying the here and now while knowing that beneath the surface, a lot is happening.

MindPT is not escapism, although it can seem that way if your current reality is not to your liking. But rest assured - as pleasurable as it is, each MindPT Session helps you influence your mind to actively seek the resources and ways to make your goals happen! When you are ready - when your neural connections have been created and strengthened and when you are ready to SEE what you need to see and ACT on it - you will start seeing results.


Tip #5 Put yourself in the picture!

The best way to increase the power of MindPT videos is to add images of yourself and statements that you write. This creates a very strong emotional affinity with the presentation. You “see” yourself in the picture, squarely in the very situation you wish to create in your life.

Embedding your identity in the MindPT Session will speed up the process of creating the new neural connections that upgrade your beliefs, self-talk and behaviors.

MindPT Sessions are effective even without being personalized, but you will greatly accelerate the process by adding self-images and statements that you write about yourself and your goals.

Tips for adding photos and statements:

  • Choose pictures of yourself where you’re smiling, happy, and if possible, doing something you love to do that relates to your current goal. Don’t worry if it’s a great shot of you or not; if a picture evokes a positive feeling, use it!
  • Create name slides of your first name, your first and last name, and any nickname you like. Your MindPT Sessions should feel good - and it feels good to see your face and your name in the grand picture of what you want!
  • Add pictures of yourself alone, and also with friends and family members, and people you admire. This makes the presentation seem as “everyday” as your current life - creating a no-resistance approach to creating the life you want (or achieving any goal you want).
  • Add images captured in deep and profound moments of gratitude, where you feel that all is right with the world - for example, images of your favorite life experiences.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have many images to start with. You can always add them at any point!


Tip #6: Engage the senses!

Music: one option is to create a playlist of your favorite feel-good tunes, mute the music that is embedded in the MindPT Session, and use your own music as the soundtrack to your magnificent new life! When you are simultaneously listening to something and watching something, there is a lot of information coming in and it's hard to concentrate (if you’ve ever been driving around a new city looking for a particular address, you will probably ask that people stop talking, and you’ll turn down the radio so you can concentrate). Because of the amount of information coming at you in a MindPT Session, just let go and stop trying to make logical (conscious) sense of it all (there’s no time to analyze, label or judge any of the incoming information). This relaxed attitude helps imprint the positive ideas very quickly in a resistance-free way.

Imagine touching something you see in a slide; or smelling the aromas; or tasting a flavor. The more you engage your senses, even in a flash microsecond, the faster you’ll create a very rich inner vision of what you want.

PRO TIP: Keep evolving! You can change your Personal Power video - or personalize any Expert Session video - at any time, as your needs and desires change.

BONUS: the mobile app lets you watch your MindPT videos in private. So no worrying about what others may think or say about your dreams and goals!


Tip #7: Stick with it!

Commit to 100 days of daily watching. Don’t worry about fitting MindPT into your schedule. Remember, you have a mobile app so you can take MindPT with you anywhere and watch anytime that’s convenient for you, and you don't have to watch for extended periods of time!

Why 100 days? No thought pattern or belief is “stand-alone.” It is linked, in very complex ways, to other beliefs and thought patterns. So relax. Enjoy. Surrender. You may see some results in 3 days… or 30 days… or 300 days… it depends on how “sticky” your beliefs are and your level of commitment.

PRO TIP: Stick with it and you’ll see dramatic changes, synchronicities and serendipity within the first 100 days. Keep going! Do it for you and stick with it for as long as you need to. Commit to yourself and your goals!


Tip #8: How to write affirmations that work

Always focus ONLY on what you want and never on the current situation

  • WRONG: I want to lose weight                    
  • RIGHT: I enjoy being at my ideal weight

Use the present tense. Don’t put your dreams off until “whenever!” Your dream already exists, in its full glory, in your imagination. It’s just a matter of getting that inner reality to come into the physical reality! If you create an inner reality of “this is how things are” now, your brain will work a lot harder and faster in matching your outer reality to that wonderful new inner reality because that inner reality is now your focus and a command.

  • WRONG: I will be fabulously wealthy         
  • RIGHT: I love the feeling of being fabulously wealthy

Use the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person “I am” statements along with your name. SUPER IMPORTANT! You may experience a bit of resistance to “I am” affirmations. While “I am” is an incredibly powerful creation command, you may feel like the statement isn’t true given your current circumstances. However, we tend to believe what other people say about us more than we believe self-statements. Imagine yourself declaring something to be true about yourself; and bundle that statement with 2nd- and 3rd-person affirmations. Imagine your best friend talking to you about something you've accomplished, and imagine your greatest supporters talking about you among themselves. And be sure to USE YOUR NAME while creating 2nd- and 3rd-person affirmations:

  • I am a successful photographer
  • Kim, you are such a successful photographer
  • Wow, Kim is a really successful photographer

Use “it is” statements. “It is” is an emphatic statement of fact. It’s not a self-statement that you can argue with, it’s just “the way things are” and that message will be accepted quickly.

Use emotion. Feel free to use emotive expressions that you normally say in your normal speech. For example, if you use the word “awesome” a lot, be sure to use it in your affirmations. But if it’s not a word that you like to use, don’t use it. You want your affirmations to be authentic to YOU. Examples of emotive words:

  • awesome
  • great
  • love
  • happy
  • grateful
  • appreciate
  • power(ful)
  • strong
  • wow 

Add YES to your statements.

  • Yes! I love to reach and exceed my goals!
  • Yes, it feels great to be a famous singer!
  • Yes! Kim appreciates how good it feels to make $1 million every year!
  • Yes, Kim, you are a strong and confident leader!

Use details. The richer the text, the richer the mental image that your brain uses to “translate” the words and the more compelling your inner vision becomes! Fall in love with the vision - you are the architect of your life!

  • OKAY: I make a lot of money
  • BETTER: I make $100,000 a year in my business
  • AWESOME: I make $100,000 a year as a life coach helping people create happier lives


If you haven’t already, now’s the time to begin creating your personal MindPT Personal Power video or customizing one of the Expert Sessions. Return to the main page or click below and use the New Vision Wizard to create your first MindPT experience!

Here's to you and realizing your best life!