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How to Create Your Unique and Personal Enriching Visions Video Session

Welcome to the Enriching Visions customization section of the iamgr8ful club. 

Here is where you learn how to create your own Enriching Visions videos to match your own unique personality. 

Custom Enriching Visions videos give you a highly effective technology to leverage the power of your imagination and emotions. You will discover how to create what you desire and love with greater ease and speed.

Quick Start

  1. Play the default Enriching Visions video and set the run time to 10 minutes.
  2. While watching the default Enriching Visions video, discover how to use the video player controls with the following functions:
    • Speed: click the turtle  to slow down and the rabbit  to speed up to change the amount of time for each image 
    • View: expand the imagery on your computer from small to large by clicking this icon 
    • Start and pause the video using the icons –  
    • The loop -  - will keep replaying the video after it finishes
    • Move your mouse to see the controls again after they disappear
  3. Click the New Vision Wizard. 
  4. Enter your name as you wish to see it in your video and click next.
  5. Choose the categories you wish to include in your Enriching Visions personal video by clicking the box next to the category name (images will be automatically included from our library of thousands of images according to the categories you choose).
  6. Optional: Add your own personal affirmation message by typing it into the box above “Create text.”
  7. Optional: Add your own images by uploading any jpeg or gif image sized less than 2MB.
    • Click browse, choose, confirm size is less than 2 MB, then upload.
    • When finished with adding your own images one at a time, click next.
  8. Name your personal Enriching Visions video so you can distinguish it from other videos you create.
  9. Watch your newly created video.
  10. If you haven’t seen these two videos on why Enriching Visions is so powerful for you to create your intentions with ease, click below to watch them

    Paul Scheele
    #7: Power In Enriching Visions (6:41)
    Introductory Coaching
    #10: Using the Enriching Visions videos (10:17)

  11. You can create new videos when you desire by clicking: Create a new Enriching Visions video and then following the process again.
  12. You can also modify the name and images of any previously made video by clicking: Modify



Full Guide 

Here is a more detailed explanation of how to create your own personal Enriching Visions video:

If you haven’t seen these two videos on why Enriching Visions is so powerful for you to create your intentions with ease, click below:


Paul Scheele
#7: Power In Enriching Visions (6:41)
Introductory Coaching
#10: Using the Enriching Visions videos (10:17)


Familiarize Yourself with the Enriching Visions Video Display



Before you begin creating your own Enriching Visions Video, take a few minutes and watch the default video we have prepared. Doing so will help get you familiar with the video player, as well as energize you to begin the process of making your own custom Enriching Visions.

From the main screen, make sure that “Default” is selected from the “Custom Vision” drop-down menu. The next step is to change the "Run Time" to reflect your desired Enriching Visions Video length. We recommend 10 minutes. You can change the run time to fit your schedule, making it longer or shorter - whatever you need. You'll experince the full Enriching Visions Video regardless of the time you choose. Once you've set the time to 10 minutes, click the large “Play” button.

You’ll be taken to the Enriching Visions video player, and the Default video will begin playing automatically.



If you use your computer mouse to move your pointer over the video, you’ll notice that the controls for the player appear just below the video screen. This would be a great time to familiarize yourself with how our Enriching Visions video player works. Note that the “Speed” is initially set to 15. This is the standard setting for all video playback.

If you want to adjust the speed so that your video plays slower or faster, then click the button that looks like a turtle (labeled “slower”) or the button that looks like a rabbit (labeled “faster”). You can adjust the speed settings from 1 all the way to 20.

Note that each time you adjust the speed the “Remaining” indicator on the player will automatically adjust to reflect the amount of time that’s now remaining for the entire video to finish playing. You can adjust the playback speed at any time – even while your video is playing.

You can click the “Pause” button to temporarily stop playback at any time. To resume, simply click that same button (which becomes a “Play” button when the video is paused) once more. You can also control the volume of your video by using the volume adjustment button (the second button from the left) at any time.

The button on the far right side of your player controls will change the viewer to full-screen mode, so that it enlarges to fill your entire web browser. While in full-screen mode, you can click that same button again to bring the player back down to standard size.

Clicking the “Loop” button will highlight the button cause your video to replay as soon as it’s done, and to continue doing so for as long as the “Loop” button remains highlighted.

When your video is done playing (assuming the “Loop” feature is not activated), you’ll be returned to the main custom Enriching Visions page. If you want to return to the main page before your video is done playing, simply click the “Back” button on the left side of the player controls. Don’t click the “Back” button in your web browser – you might not be taken to the proper page.

Note: The controls will disappear after a few seconds so you can enjoy the full experience of Enriching Visions without distraction. To make the controls ‘reappear’ on your computer screen, simply move your computer mouse over the player and the control panel will appear.

Create Your First Enriching Visions Video

Once you’ve watched the default Enriching Visions Video and you’ve experienced Kim’s collection of images. It’s time to create your personal Enriching Visions experience. You now have the ability to create a vision that speaks directly to your subconscious mind and helps you attract the things you seek in life. Whether you want to attract abundance or freedom, a new car or a new job, this step walks you through how to create your visions.

Step #1 New Vision Wizard

We’ve created a handy “Wizard” tool which walks you through the process. Once you’re logged in, click on the button labeled “New Vision Wizard.”

Step #2 Type Your Name

The next step is to type your name as you’d like it to appear in your Enriching Visions Video. You can always modify or change this later. You can also type a different name each time you create a new Enriching Visions Video.

Step #3 Add Your Categories

Click on “Next” once you’ve typed the name you wish to use and you’ll be taken to a page with more than 6000 image options to choose from. Some images are selected for several different categories. This is because we believe that there are some incredibly powerful photos that should be experienced a couple of times within one Enriching Visions viewing.This is where the customization really begins to take hold. Kim spent hundreds of hours seeking images with extremely high vibrations. What this means is that each image was specifically chosen because of its energy and ability to help you attract your ideal life.

NOTE: There are about 20 NEW images being LOADED EVERY DAY (and that will continue for the next couple of months)... So you should expect that 'number of images' for each category to change as the library grows.

As you look over this page you’ll see categories and sub-categories to choose from. They range from City Living and Gardening to Abundance. Beside each category or sub-category you’ll see the number of images in that category. Let’s use “Abundance” as an example.

You can see that there are 897 images for Abundance. If you click on that box and only that box your Enriching Visions Video will have a total of 908 images and last approximately 8 minutes. (Note: You can always change the playback speed as you watch the video.)

Go ahead and click that box next to “Abundance.” It will now have a check mark in it. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Next.”

Step #4 Create Your Own Slides and Message

You now have the option to create your own slides to add to your Enriching Visions Video. This is a one of a kind personalization option and is unique to Enriching Visions. (Note: You can skip this step if you wish to view your Abundance Enriching Visions Video right away. You can come back to this step and “Customize” it later.)

Create a Message

First, let’s look at creating your own message. In this space you can add an affirmation that is important to you.

A good example of an abundance affirmation is “Wealth is pouring into my life” or “The riches of the universe come to me effortlessly.”

Choose affirmations that mean something to you personally. Simply type your affirmation into the space provided and click “Create Text”

Upload Your Own Photos

You can now upload your own photos and add them to your Enriching Visions Video. Click on “Browse” and choose from images stored on your computer.

For example you may have a family photo you want to upload or maybe you have a photo of a house you’d like to own.

Once you’ve found photo you’d like to add click on “Open” in the pop up window and then click on “Upload” to add it to your video. You’ll see the file name for your image. Once you’ve uploaded it, you’ll be able to see your image in the space below.


You can continue to upload more images and affirmations. When you’re finished, click “next” at the bottom of the page under your new images.

Step #5 Name Your Vision

The next step is to name your vision. It’s important to give your Enriching Visions Video a name that means something to you and will help identify your video.

You may eventually create dozens of videos, so you want them to be easily identifiable. For example, because this vision was specifically designed to attract abundance we’ve simply named it “Abundance.”

Step #6 Watch Your New Enriching Visions Video

Click on “Done” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can watch your new vision. If you’ve walked through the steps go ahead and watch your new Abundance Enriching Vision by clicking on “Watch My Vision Now.” Notice how your affirmations and new images show up in the Enriching Visions Video you just created.

Customizing Your Enriching Visions Video

Once you’ve created an Enriching Visions Video, modifying it is quick and easy. Why would you want to modify or customize your video?

Let’s use the Abundance Enriching Video as an example.

Maybe you come across a photo or an image that you’d like to add to your Abundance Enriching Visions Video you can add it. The same is true for messages. You can add a message to any of your Enriching Visions Videos at any time. You can also add more categories or sub-categories to your video.

For example, perhaps in addition to abundance you want to add “Wealth” and “Toys.” You can do that. You can also remove categories from your video.

Let’s start at the beginning and go step by step through the “Customize” process.

Step #1 Login and Click On “Customize.”

You’ll be immediately taken to a customization menu. As you did with the first Enriching Visions Video you created, you can type your name in as you want it to appear. If you change anything with your name, be sure to click “Save” to ensure your name change is saved.

Step #2 Click on Modify

The next step is to choose the video you wish to modify from your Enriching Visions Video list. Simply click on “Modify,” next to the video you want to change.

You’ll now see that you have a few options. You can:

Rename your video. For example if you’re adding “wealth” and “toys” to your video you may want to rename this video Abundance, Wealth & Toys or another name that is meaningful to you.

We’ve added “Wealth” and “Toys” so you can see how easy modification is. You’ll notice in the screenshot below that the additional boxes are checked and the number of images has increased to 2405. The standard time for this new Enriching Visions Video is 20 minutes.

Click on “Save.”

Step #3 Watch Your New Modified Video

You’ll now be returned to the main customization page. You’ll notice that if you changed the name of your video, it is now listed under that new name. You can now click “Watch Now,” to enjoy your new Enriching Visions Video. You can also add images and modify or create new Enriching Visions Videos.

What To Do Once You’ve Created Your Video

The Enriching Visions Video is a visualization tool. Using it every day and making it part of your life is essential to retrain your subconscious mind and attract the things you want into your life.

Paul Scheele has an amazing video on how and why Enriching Visions works. You can view it by clicking HERE.

We strongly recommend creating your Enriching Visions Video to reflect all that you want in your life. The more comprehensive your video is the better. You can however, create smaller videos that focus on specific objectives. Here’s a working example of how that might be integrated into your day.

Ann wants to travel to Africa. It’s her dream. In addition to creating a personal Enriching Visions Video that encompasses all that she wants for her life she’s also created a specific video that focuses on traveling to Africa.

Ann watches her full video every morning while she drinks her tea. Her comprehensive video is 30 minutes long. Ann shortens it or lengthens it depending on how much time she has in the morning. She watches her Africa Enriching Visions Video, which is less than a minute long, each night before she goes to bed.

As you can see by creating and modifying your Enriching Video, you’re creating the experience and the reality that you want to live.

Quick Bonus Tip!

In addition to the Enriching Visions Video you create to reflect all that you want to embrace and attract in your life, create a quick "Happiness" Enriching Vision for your library.

Name it "Happiness" and choose the sub-category "Happiness" under the main category "Positive Emotions." Save it and use it as a quick pick me up whenever you need to laugh, smile or feel a little better. 

We all to see images of very happy, smiling and laughing people. You’ll instantly feel better because emotions are contagious. Think about when someone smiles at you, you instantly feel a little better, right? Your “Happiness” Enriching Vision provides the same benefit. This is a very handy 'vision' to have in your library.


Congratulations and enjoy the Enriching Visions Experience!