MindPT Help

Can you download the video to your own computer?

Yes, you can download the video to your own computer via the Desktop Software Application. In order to do so, click on the link below:


Please Note: It is extremely important to watch through your Personal Power Videos or your Enriching Visions at least once per month while you are connected to the internet. We are always upgrading and updating by adding and deleting images and statements. You will need the most up-to-date version.

You will need to log into the Club first and while you are online and logged in, you will be able to watch the Enriching Visions via your Desktop Application.

Logging In - Log-In Info: http://iamgr8ful.com/user.php?p=login

Can two family members share the same account? 

Yes – two family members can share the same account. However, you will have to create a “text slide” with both names of each individual in order for the Enriching Visions to play with both names.

Can you upload your own music? 

For the moment, you can just put your mp3 player headphones in your ears and mute the audio on your computer.

Do you offer an existing library of photos and phrases that one can choose from to create enriching visions?

We offer thousands of high-vibration images that you can choose from which are categorized. These can also be applied to the Positive Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Statements.

In addition, you may also add as many of your own that you would like.

Please Note: You can have as many Personal Power Videos or Enriching Visions as you wish. You also have the capability to edit them as much as you would like. This in addition to the range of “Expert’s Enriching Visions” that already exist on the site.

Are you able to delete personal videos after you create them?

Yes, you can absolutely delete a personal video after you create it. You can use the "Delete" button after you have clicked the button from your Enriching Visions home page that reads as follows:


“Edit my Personal Power Videos”

           + Select My Photos

              (Advanced Users)

What will achieve better results - more pictures that flash by, or fewer pictures that you can focus on for more than a couple of seconds?

There are many different visions to choose from that fall under many categories as well. You can watch all of the Expert’s Enriching Visions, if you wish, and then go on to watch your own Enriching Visions-if you watch them ALL on high speed. This process should take you approximately one hour. In the beginning, however, you can watch all of the Enriching Visions on slow speed so that you can fully absorb the images.

There is a suggestion to use our full name, first name and maybe a nickname as slides in our own personal Enriching Videos. The setup in Enriching Visions will only let you enter one name and there are no instructions that tell you how to enter more than one name. How do I go about creating a nickname?

To create a nickname for yourself, simply create an 'affirmation' slide with the nickname of your choice.