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How to Get Into the Manifesting Zone, Fast!

15 May

There's a way to get into the Manifesting Zone (where you deliberately create the reality that you desire), that involves your eyes, and a little science.

Take a moment to reflect about how miraculous your eyes really are. They take in millions of bits of information every second, and the brain processes that information to create your reality. But if you were consciously aware of all of the information your eyes took in, you would be completely overwhelmed and unable to function.

The brain has a brilliant way to cope with information overload, called automatic visual smoothing.

A recent study published on Nature.com confirms that despite the constant and often chaotic input of visual stimuli (due to head/eye movement, erratic movements in the environment, lighting changes, etc.), the brain creates visual stability by creating a time-average composite of the incoming information, smoothing it out into a stable image that we perceive as 'now'. “What you are seeing at the present moment is not a fresh snapshot of the world but rather an average of what you’ve seen in the past 10 to 15 seconds,” said study author and MIT neuroscientist Jason Fischer.

Let’s look at an everyday example of how this visual smoothing helps you function.

Think about a rainy commute home. Your eyes are continuously bombarded by millions of visual fluctuations as raindrops fall from the sky, each one reflecting and refracting light in a unique way… combined with the motion of the car and the perceived motion of objects as you drive past them… the motion of the wipers… some water flowing down the windshield and some bouncing off… the glare of car headlights coming toward you… flashes of lightning… changing ambient light conditions as you drive into and out of a storm... and yet, despite this visual chaos, you can still read road signs, navigate on the road and avoid other vehicles.

You are able to do this, because your brain's Reticular Activating System has reduced and averaged the fluctuations in the incoming visual stimuli, effectively reducing what you pay attention to and cope with.

How does this relate to getting into the “Manifesting Zone”?

The filters and averaging that your brain uses to "smooth out" incoming stimuli, also apply to creating desired circumstances in your life. It is well known that what you focus on, expands. This is because the directions you give your brain through your focused attention, tell the brain, “This is what is important to me. Match the outer reality to the inner reality.” If you focus on not having enough money, the brain will find evidence of that in your environment. Your brain's filters will effectively make you blind to abundance, and cause you to operate according to the “reality” that you perceive with your eyes.

But you can train the brain to filter out everything except WHAT YOU WANT. Repeating this action of focusing on what you want will create filters that will then only allow the intake of information that is based on what you want. These are the directions for your brain to find the ways and means to achieve your desires.

MindPT helps you effortlessly get into the Manifesting Zone.

As you watch a MindPT Session, your brain “melts” images together: images of you along with thousands of positive images of what you want, including positive experiences… happy people… your name... successful people… natural beauty that inspires you… things you like… people achieving goals… hundreds of empowering statements… and VOILA, your brain creates a composite of what you’ve seen in the last 15 seconds, based on WHAT YOU WANT. Depending on the speed you are watching your MindPT session, your eyes will take in anywhere from 4.5 to 107 emotionally emotive, positive and empowering statements and images in 15 seconds - and every single one of them is targeted at what you want.

Repeated over the course of the entire session, and when watched consistently over time, this composite of empowering snapshots become an extremely powerful influence on the brain.

Your attention shifts from what you don't want, to what you do want... and you literally OPEN YOUR BRAIN to what you want.

By giving your brain the right instructions based on what you want, you become a conscious creator.

And then, as always, what you focus on, will expand. These new instructions will prompt your brain to seek evidence of this inner reality in your environment, and you will experience positive feelings around taking action that is required to match the outer reality to your inner reality.

This is the Manifesting Zone.

For more help getting into the Manifesting Zone, click on the picture to see Carol Look's fabulous session, "Attracting Abundance":

Carol Look is a psychotherapist, intuitive healer and EFT Master who offers a unique approach to creating the mindset of abundance!

Jarmila Gorman

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