Customizing Enriching Visions

How to Create Your Unique and Personal Enriching Visions Video Session

Welcome to the Enriching Visions customization section of the iamgr8ful club. 

Here is where you learn how to create your own Enriching Visions videos to match your unique personality. If you've purchased one or more Enriching Visions Singles, this guide also shows you how to create your own personal Enriching Visions videos from the Singles.

Custom Enriching Visions videos give you a highly effective technology to leverage the power of your imagination and emotions. You will discover how to create what you desire and love with greater ease and speed.

Quick Start

  1. Play the default Enriching Visions video and set the run time to 10 minutes.
  2. While watching the default Enriching Visions video, discover how to use the video player controls with the following functions:
    • Speed: click the turtle  to slow down and the rabbit  to speed up to change the amount of time for each image 
    • View: expand the imagery on your computer from small to large by clicking this icon 
    • Start and pause the video using the icons –  
    • The loop -  - will keep replaying the video after it finishes
    • Move your mouse to see the controls again after they disappear
  3. Watch the “Coaching Videos Support – Making it Work for You. These quick videos offer the five most important tips to optimize your Enriching Visions experience. Watch them before you move onto the next step.
  4. Click the New Vision Wizard. 
  5. Enter your name as you wish to see it in your video and click next.
  6. Choose the categories you wish to include in your Enriching Visions personal video by clicking the box next to the category name (images will be automatically included from our library of thousands of images according to the categories you choose).
  7. Optional: Add your own personal affirmation message by typing it into the box above “Create text.”
  8. Optional: Add your own images by uploading any jpeg or gif image sized less than 2MB.
    • Click browse, choose, confirm size is less than 2 MB, then upload.
    • When finished with adding your own images one at a time, click next.
  9. Name your personal Enriching Visions video so you can distinguish it from other videos you create.
  10. Watch your newly created video.
  11. If you haven’t seen these two videos on why Enriching Visions is so powerful for you to create your intentions with ease, click below to watch them

    Paul Scheele
    #7: Power In Enriching Visions (6:41)
    Introductory Coaching
    #10: Using the Enriching Visions videos (10:17)

  12. You can create new videos when you desire by clicking: Create a new Enriching Visions video and then follow the process again.
  13. You can also modify the name and images of any previously made video by clicking: Modify