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MindPT is dedicated to improving lives. That goes for our customers… your customers… and you. We offer a top-shelf product series, high conversion rates, bombproof sign-up, tracking and payment systems and outstanding customer service. You matter, so we go the extra mile since our affiliates are a valuable part of our mission to help people transform their lives and companies to improve their bottom line.

Our products take our customers’ lives to a new level. Because of our impeccable standards and quality products, MindPT enjoys a superior position in both the $60 billion dollar (and growing) personal growth market, as well as an ever-expanding corporate market.

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What Are the 4 level Of MindPT Programs?

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We have some awesome offerings just for you besides big bucks bucks bucks bucks.

Top-Shelf Products

MindPT offers a series of personal growth tools in the form of “bite-sized” lessons on a mobile platform. Not just any cookie-cutter programs, MindPT stands out: All tools are fully customizable to the individual’s needs in any area of life, with individual (consumer), institutional, corporate and medical applications Many options for your customers: offered as individual sessions, as bundles, or the entire series A growing library of pre-made (yet still customizable) Expert Sessions co-created with some of the world’s greatest transformational leaders, luminaries and experts. Exceptionally high quality product based on the latest in neuroscience research, proven positive psychology concepts and using cutting-edge technology

Browse our sophisticated, high-end storefront with multiple high-converting offers you can plug into your affiliate promotions. And of course, we keep you at the leading edge with email updates of our latest hot new offerings!

Exceptional Quality

Our library of MindPT sessions is growing daily so the content is always fresh and relevant and your customers keep buying from you over and over again. We only offer exceptional products and conduct frequent analyses of product performance to ensure that only the hottest and greatest are on the market. We closely monitor each product for performance and each customer and affiliate is asked, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this product to family and friends?” If a product scores less than 8, it is dropped, so you are only selling real money-makers.

HOT Conversions

We know how to launch our products BIG!
We carefully test and refine each offering, and you receive updates on upcoming launches so you’re ready to hit the ground running with each new product’s pre-launch and launch.


Part of our mission to improve lives is to make it easy and enjoyable for customers to use our products. The customer’s overall experience with MindPT must be nothing short of spectacluar! We retain a loyal customer following because we care about each and every one.

We have a customer support staff 110% committed to customer satisfaction, so you can sell with confidence that your customers will be well cared for.

User-Friendly, Accurate, Bombproof Tools

Our sign-up process is easy so you can start earning commissions right away. You will receive accurate stats on your promotions in our (get this!) user-friendly tracking system. To help you secure your customer base - so that you keep earning - we use “infinite cookies” (cookies that never expire, so you don’t have to worry about losing your customers). We help you stay active and engaged with your list by providing you with smokin’ hot content to send to your list for every launch. You’ll have choices, too - videos, Facebook posts, banners, newsletters and images so you can target your campaign in the most effective way.


50% of every sale, yours to keep. We pay on time, every time, on the 1st of the month via PayPal. 


We show our love for our high-earning affiliates with recognition and extra perks. Every year, our top five affiliates are invited to join MindPT founder Kim Serafini at an exclusive retreat on the magical island of Bali. Every launch comes with awesome perks for top-selling affiliates.

When you work with us, you get to play with us!


How connected and committed are you to your list? It doesn’t matter if your list is huge or small, it’s about the love in your list. We believe in the power of networks, and we don’t want to waste your time - or ours - on stagnant lists. If you have: an established, loyal following, high level of engagement, high traffic  … then we would love to work with you. 

Or… if you’re an emerging star, convince us why you’re the next greatest MindPT ambassador. 

Common Questions About The MindPT Referrer Program

We have some awesome offerings just for you besides big bucks bucks bucks bucks.

What is a referrer program?

Our referrer program is a great way to make money. MindPT recruits people with established websites (your own blog, product or service) to promote MindPT in return for a commission on all sales made when your customer clicks on and purchases via the affiliate link.

Referrer programs are a true win-win for everybody:
For us: more exposure to our product, and more sales, via your customer base
For the customer: cool new solutions to their problems
For you: $$$$$$$$

Can you become an affiliate? YES! Do you have a website with traffic? An email (subscriber) list? All you do is write about MindPT in your blog… or put our banner up on your site… or mention us in a promotion… and when your readers see that you’ve taken the time to promote something, they will trust your recommendation… meaning lots of sales and high commission opportunities for you!

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