What is Mind PT?

MindPT is an enhanced and upgraded version of Enriching Visions Plus, a revolutionary new way of integrating new thoughts and ideas into your mind that yields astonishing results.

Effective personal change is all about upgrading your automatic self-talk and perceptions. Traditional personal growth programs often fail because they require time, effort and discipline. MindPT is significantly more effective because it takes zero effort (just watch the video); very little time (you can watch for as little as a few minutes a day); and no discipline (because it's fun and enjoyable). No personal growth program is effective unless you use it, and MindPT makes daily use such a joy that you will experience fast and measurable results very quickly.

Your time is limited so MindPT offers "bite-sized" personal growth lessons in the form of user-friendly personal power videos featuring the collective wisdom of the world's greatest transformational teachers in the convenience of a mobile app, or for a larger visual feast, on your desktop.

It's an online and mobile personal change resource where you can check in 24/7 and benefit from MindPT on your own schedule.

Mind PT is committed to providing you what you need to be successful in every way in an easy and fast format – using the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology and a proprietary technology that makes personal change easy, convenient, fast and FUN. By upgrading your automatic self-talk and perceptions, you will literally think differently - in a way that is empowered and aligned with your greatest goals and aspirations.

MindPT literally takes the "work" out of self-work!

About Us

The MindPT team is driven to deliver healthier, happier, smarter and more confident individual results by creating positive change at the core belief level.

MindPT founder and creator Kim Serafini is one of the world’s leaders in Personal Change Management, espousing an innovative and effective approach to self-improvement. She is an international entrepreneur, best-selling author, world-class speaker and creator of the iamgr8ful club, an online resource of positivity and inspiration.