Lynn Tranchell

Lynn Tranchell received a BA in Psychology because she enjoyed studying the workings of the human mind.  She soon discovered that the electronic brain was just as fascinating and received her MS in Computer Science several years later. She has worked in and out of the corporate world and has had her own consulting business for over 20 years.

Lynn has a passion for learning.  Lynn often ventures out to the cutting-edge of new learning opportunities, and then brings that learning back to share with her community.  When she has a vision she takes action to make that vision a reality. This is the heart of coaching in her eyes.

Lynn discovered how to navigate the challenges in life with ease and grace and wanted to help others do the same. She did some research and found a proven, reliable, repeatable coaching system. Lynn invested a significant amount of time and money to become a Life Mastery Consultant, aka certified transformational life coach. She is also a certified Q Coach, a Licensed Unity Teacher and MindPT Certified Master Coach.