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Will You Do This ONE Thing to Be Happier Now?

22 Feb

What if there was one thing you could do, starting right now, to be happier, no matter what's going on in your life?

Would you do it?

Before I tell you this one amazing step to happiness, promise yourself this: you will open yourself to the possibility that you can be happier if you just follow this to the best of your ability. The reason I say this is that when you’re chronically sad, angry or stressed and anxious, you literally rewire your brain to favor those kinds of thoughts. You become addicted to them! Your brain chemistry changes, and because of this addiction it becomes really hard to snap out of it and regain happiness.

But you can do it. Allow yourself to imagine the possibility of being happier, and do not give up.


First, do a language check. What are the words you use every day?

  • What are the words you use to describe your work?

  • What are the words you use when you talk to your spouse?

  • What are the words you use when you talk about your dreams?

  • What are the words you use to describe what happened today?

  • What are the words you use to describe yourself?

Will you go the extra step and write these down? It’s important!

If you’re stuck in unhappiness, there will be lots of words that blame, criticize, judge, negate, discourage… you get the picture!

What you say represents your “story” - your interpretation of life and how things are.

But wait… are you talking this way because you’re unhappy, or are you unhappy because you talk this way?

Your words (that arise from your thoughts) DRIVE your life.

What if you just changed how you talk to yourself? What if you refused to engage in the negativity and drama? What if you deliberately chose to see things in a positive light, even if it was hard to do?

How would your life change? Imagine...

  • Talking about what you want instead of what you don’t want.

  • Talk about what’s good instead of what’s annoying.    

  • Talking about what you gained from this instead of what it took from you.    

  • Talking about what can go right instead of what can go wrong.

  • Talking about why you will succeed instead of why you might fail.

  • Talking about what’s great about someone instead of what annoys you.

  • Talking about what you can do (if you learn something) instead of what you can’t do (at the moment, lacking certain skills or knowledge).

Are you starting to see how changing what you say instantly “happifies” you?

So the ONE thing you can do to be happier now, is to start telling a better story.

The more you practice positive self-talk, the more it will become automatic.

Of course you won’t be happy every second of your life. You’re not meant to be, because it’s the unhappy moments that make the happy ones sweeter and more meaningful. But instead of wallowing and being stuck in unhappiness, you’ll bounce back to a higher baseline happiness and be happier most of the time.

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And then, in just minutes a day, you’ll completely rewire yourself to prefer positive thoughts and feel significantly happier.


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Jarmila Gorman

Jarmila Gorman is an ultra-endurance athlete, mother of two, photographer, self-help writer and entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing the secrets of positive self-talk, motivation, a winning mindset and perseverance. Favorite quote: "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." ~ Yoda

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