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The ultimate guide to accelerated learning

09 Mar


As a MindPT user, you have access to one of the world’s most powerful learning accelerators. MindPT is far more than a personal change tool! You can use it to increase your retention and retrieval of key information in a fun way, without endless studying!


If you're not a MindPT user yet - you'll find out why it's fast becoming a must-have for accelerated learning!


MindPT is not the first tool that accelerates learning - but it is easier than many, highly effective, and FUN!


“Mental gymnastics” and “brain games” have been used to increase students’ capacity for learning. The exercises are designed to strengthen the brain’s circuitry and create new neural pathways, memories and associations.


One ancient technique - meditation - has been proven to increase the size of the brain’s “grey matter” (regions of the brain involved in muscle control, emotions, speech, sensory perception, memory, decision making, and self-control) and increase the capacity and processing speed of the brain’s “white matter” (the neural connections within the brain). This means, that new data is integrated faster, and retrieval of stored memories is faster - in short, meditation stimulates accelerated learning.


A 2011 study published in Neuroimage, “Impact of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training on Intrinsic Brain Connectivity” (Kilpatrick et al., 2011) concluded that various areas of the brain showed “increased functional connectivity” among people who meditated. Meditation physically changes the brains of people who meditate.


How MindPT accelerates learning


By its very nature, the brain is designed to change. MindPT can significantly enhance your ability to learn:

  • MindPT helps your brain create novel associations between seemingly random statements and images. A MindPT session is a unique viewing experience every single time, due to its patented randomized player. This means that your brain isn’t seeing the same images and statements presented in the same order - such as you would find in a Powerpoint presentation. The randomization allows for the creation of associations that you would not normally make consciously… stimulating creativity and innovation, as well as the creation of associative memories.

  • MindPT is an immersive, meditative experience within seconds of pressing play so the viewer is in a relaxed and receptive state that is more conducive to learning.

  • The viewer-controlled speeds mean that any material presented (the statements) can be absorbed both consciously and unconsciously:

    • At slow viewing speeds, the viewer is able to read each statement, and consciously process the information. This is highly effective if the statement agrees with, or doesn’t contradict, the viewer’s conditioned beliefs. Watching at slow speeds can assist with:

      • Reinforcing a concept that is already learned

      • Awareness of one’s resistance to a statement (through awareness of emotions felt upon reading the statement)

    • At fast viewing speeds, the information presented easily bypasses the viewer’s conditioned filters; in other words, unconscious learning takes place, as the brain easily picks up all information and because of the high presentation speed, the selective filters do not have time to reject any information that is incongruent with the viewer’s beliefs. This is highly effective for:

      • Deliberately changing one’s belief about something

      • Quick and effective learning of new material


MindPT can also simplify the learning of a new skill through the process of mental rehearsal. Studies have shown that mental rehearsal of a skill or task, even without physical practice, can assist in learning. MindPT sessions are targeted at specific goals, and include images that inspire positive thoughts and imagination about the topic. For example, this can be applied to any activity that elicits fear or anxiety in the viewer, such as public speaking. Mentally rehearsing oneself on stage, feeling confident and calm, can significantly enhance the individual’s ability to work through their fears and gain the confidence necessary for speaking in public.


MindPT helps improve a viewer's mood. Happiness leads to greater engagement and greater engagement accelerates learning. Shawn Achor of GoodThink Inc. is quoted as saying, "We have learned that reprogramming our brains to become more positive, more adaptive, and more resilient in order to gain a competitive advantage at work is not only possible, it is essential in rapidly changing environments. [It is important to] create deep and sustained change so that happiness becomes... a sustained lifelong practice." 


We also learn by mimicking. MindPT sessions are filled with engaging images of confident, happy people engaging in positive behaviors. We unconsciously mimic people's moods and behaviors, and when this engaging visual stimulus is combined with positive, encouraging and supportive statements, our mood improves and we associate good feelings with the information presented.


Whatever your goals are, you can use MindPT to:

  • accelerate learning of key information

  • mentally rehearse necessary skills

  • boost self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth

  • stimulate creativity and innovation

  • enhance memory creation and retrieval


Remember, you can personalize any MindPT session with statements and images that relate to anything you wish to learn, or any goal you wish to achieve. Adding very specific details to a session can amplify its effect. For detailed instructions on how to create the most effective statements, please refer to the free ebook “Getting the Most Out of MindPT” available here: www.mindpt.com/mindpt

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