Our Affiliate Program

Being a member of the i am gr8ful club automatically provides you with an opportunity to earn money simply by sharing the good news with others.

You already know the power of gratitude. If you believe your friends, family and loved ones would benefit from the same information, experiences and resources that you’ve found at iamgr8ful.com then send them a link to the page. Tell them about your experiences and help those you love live their life to their fullest as well.

If you’re logged into the club you can click on “affiliate program,” tab in the header.  There you’ll see a list of URLs and links you can use to share with others.

You can use these links in email messages sent to friends or you can blog about your experiences at the i am gr8ful club and share your affiliate link or URL with your readers.

You will be paid a 10% commission for any new member that joins using your Affiliate Code.

If a new member joins on as an annual member you will be paid 10% of their membership fee upon receipt of their payment.

If a new member joins as a monthly member using your affiliate code you will be paid 10% of their membership fee on a monthly basis following receipt of their payment until this membership is terminated.

This means that if you refer 10 new members to our 'iamgr8ful club' and they join using your affiliate code, your membership is FREE.

Tell a Friend – You can also click on the “Tell a Friend,” tab, enter your friend’s email addresses and a short message and send them a message. Each friend that joins earns you a commission.