Amplifying Your Practice with Additional Resources and Tools

Kim Serafini, aka The Queen of Gratitude, is also the author of the bestselling book “I am gr8ful for you.”

I am gr8ful for you is available in a variety of formats to suit your goals and needs. It can be purchased as a hard cover coffee table book to provide encouragement and inspiration for you, for guests in your home or business.

It can be purchased in paperback format as a more economical alternative. Again, you can purchase it for yourself to use as a meditative guide or to give as a gift to loved ones.

It can be purchased or given as an animated eFlowBook that works with iPhone and Android, making it readily available to uplift spirits anytime and anywhere. Or it may be purchased as a bundle with one copy each of the eBook, the eFlowBook app and the paperback.

As a Meditative Tool

The I am gr8ful for you Book is a collection of inspiring images, affirmations and reminders of all that we have in this world to be grateful for. The book is designed to help readers embrace and receive positive feelings down through your core. It helps you to renew a feeling of aliveness within you.

Each day, before you sit down to meditate; open the book to a page. You can move through the book chronologically or let the book guide you by opening to a random page. That day, meditate on the images, words and positive feelings the page inspires. Use your meditative practice to embrace the positive message of gratitude.

By using the i amgr8ful for you Book as a meditative guide you’re able to bring in the power of gratitude to your daily life. You already know how powerful gratitude is and how powerful meditation can be – imagine how you will benefit when you combine the two!

Philanthropic Pool

A portion of the proceeds of each purchase of i am gr8ful for you goes toward i am gr8ful’s philanthropic pool, a group of charities that each work to improve the world in a unique way.

These charities include Forget Me Not Children’s Home, which works to brighten the future of orphans; Aid Still Required, whose mission is to raise money for crises that are no longer in the spotlight but continue to affect people’s lives; Pachamama Alliance, which helps Amazonians preserve their land and culture; Global Coherence Initiative, which seeks to promote world peace and environmental awareness in innovative ways; and The Institute of Research on Unlimited Love, which studies the effects of love on humanity.

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