Abundant Life
by HealThruWords
by Arnaud Saint-Paul and Roxana Jones

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Arnaud Saint-Paul and Roxana Jones

With over 40 years of combined experience, Roxana Jones and Arnaud Saint-Paul, have been committed to learning the secrets to a happy, balanced and abundant life. While they were on their discovery path, it became clear that the concept of wellness was incomplete if it only considered the wellbeing of the physical body. Without a holistic approach including the outer and inner aspects, it is difficult to achieve the amazing levels of health, wealth and love we now know any human being can reach. This is how our one-of-a-kind HealThruWords® Method, the core essence of our flagship ReWire™Program offered to conscious entrepreneurs and corporations who are ready for positive transformation, was born. Our method is the result of decades of diligent and patient study. Arnaud and Roxana dedicate themselves to practice all the theory learned through many conscious masters and sages from around the world. This is precisely what makes our services and products so unique and effective. We know they work! Additionally to fulfill its mission, HealThruWords® is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation, focusing on the worldwide promotion of the principles of Positivity and Heartfulness, through our Ambassador Network. Furthermore, we at HealThruWords® pledge 10% of our Net Revenue towards our Foundation. So welcome to HealThruWords® ! Take a look at all the excellence and uniqueness we have to offer, join our thriving community through our newsletter and social networks and let us help you and/or your organization to achieve the levels of inner well-being that always bring success as a result.


the way you see yourself.


in yourself.


to focus on what is important to you.


your success, happiness and wellbeing.

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We are so confident that you'll be blown away with the results! We are committed to your happiness and success. We’re pleased to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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